5 Frequently Asked Questions About Softball Camp Answered

Summer Softball Camp - Softball Practice

Everyone wants to know why Revolution Softball Camps consistently beat the competition each year, and it really comes down to one major detail: our coaches. The NCAA coaching staff is pulled from the top coaches in the country in order to provide campers with softball training they won’t get anywhere else.

So, while it’s good you’ll never have to question the level of instruction we have at Revolution, what about the rest? We got certain questions more often than others on a yearly basis, and here are the five most common with their corresponding answers.

Q: What are the Revolution Softball Camps?

A: Well, it’s good to start at the beginning, right?! Revolution Camps were developed to provide athletes with the opportunity to become better softball players. As mentioned before, we bring in some of the game’s top coaches to help athletes learn, develop and enhance their skills in all phases of softball.

Q: How many different kinds of camps are there to choose from?

A: As you’re looking for the softball camps closest to home, there are also various camp formats you can choose from. The four fundamental ones we offer include overnight, extended day, day and team camps.

Each is a very unique experience, and we talked more about each option in detail in this blog post.

Q: What’s the daily schedule like? I just want to know what I can expect.

A: We don’t blame you! Since we just mentioned there are four basic types of camps to choose from, it only makes sense to know that the schedules from each will vary to a degree.

Each schedule is subject to change depending on the location and camp director – and you’ll receive all those details in a confirmation packet well before your camp start date – but here’s what you can expect on a daily basis.

Also, here’s an idea of what you need to pack!

Q: What’s the camper-to-coach ratio?

A: The improvement of each player at every Revolution Softball Camp is very important to us. In order to achieve this goal, it’s vital to provide as much individual attention as possible.

Our camper-to-coach ratio stays at 8-to-1 so we can give campers the best assistance possible.

Q: How are campers group before the instruction starts?

A: We’re proud to have our camps open to girls from ages 8 to 18 of all positions and ability levels. Once you’ve checked in and it’s time to get to work, we group players according to age, ability and performance so everyone is on a level playing field and can improve at their own pace.

These are five questions we hear a lot, but there’s more! Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page to see we answer the question that’s currently on your mind. And if not, make sure to contact us so we can provide everything you need before it’s time for camp to start.

Interested in signing up for a Revolution Softball Camp this summer? Click here to find a camp near you and receive more information.