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Softball Skill Training Camps

The “Pickle Drill”

The Pickle Drill instructs on how to get a runner out who is in a…

Softball Summer Clinics - Girl Batting Drills

Infield Position Play-Middle Infield Play

This Video Series is desighned to make you a better infielder specifically while playing first…

Summer Softball Camp - Girls Softball Swinging Bat

Softball-How to Bunt

It is important to know how to sacrifice your at bat in order to move…

Summer Softball Camp - Girls Softball Fun

Softball Drills-The Backhand

This video discusses the proper technique for fielding a ground ball with your backhand

Summer Softball Camp - Girl Batting Practice

Toss Drills-Basics to Softball Hitting

Softball Training - Ready to Throw

How to Field a Ground Ball

This video goes over the proper technique on how to field a ground ball

Softball Summer Camp - Catching

Fastpitch Softball Catchers Drills

Catcher Megan Willis teaches basic training for fastpitch softball catchers. She gives key tips for…

Softball Training - Ready to Throw

Softball Drills for Outfielders

This video goes over numerous outfielding drills to insure that flyball always gets caught.

Summer Softball Camps - Running the Bases

Stealing Bases

Patty Gerckens, Head Coach atUCSD explains that aggressive baserunning will make your defense worry.

Softball Summer Camps - Pitching Windup

Infield Crossfire Drills with Jennie Finch

In this youth softball drill, Jennie Finch runs the girls through the "infield crossfire" softball…

Softball Drills – Paint the Corners

Softball Drills – Paint the Corners

Softball Drills – Catcher Positioning

Learn about the proper defensive positioning for catchers

Softball Fielding Drills – Fly Ball

Learn how to properly field a fly ball

Batting Techniques – Stance and Grip

Improve your batting with these tips and tricks

Batting Box Routine – Tips and Tricks

Learn some tips and tricks about your batters box presence to remain consistence

Sports Science – Hitting a Softball

Sports Science examines the difficulties of hitting a softball