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Softball Skill Training Camps

The Softball Pickle Drill

The Pickle Drill instructs on how to get a runner out who is in a…

Softball Summer Clinics - Girl Batting Drills

Infield Position Play-Middle Infield Play

This Video Series is desighned to make you a better infielder specifically while playing first…

Summer Softball Camp - Girls Softball Swinging Bat

How to Bunt Softball Drills

It is important to know how to sacrifice your at bat in order to move…

Summer Softball Camp - Girls Softball Fun

Online Softball Drills

This video discusses the proper technique for fielding a ground ball with your backhand

Summer Softball Camp - Girl Batting Practice

Basics to Hitting a Softball

Softball Training - Ready to Throw

How to Field a Ground Ball in Softball

This video goes over the proper technique on how to field a ground ball

Softball Summer Camp - Catching

Fastpitch Softball Catchers Drills and Tips

Catcher Megan Willis teaches basic training for fastpitch softball catchers. She gives key tips for…

Softball Training - Ready to Throw

Softball Drills for Outfielders

This video goes over numerous outfielding drills to insure that flyball always gets caught.

Summer Softball Camps - Running the Bases

How to Steal Bases in Softball

Patty Gerckens, Head Coach atUCSD explains that aggressive baserunning will make your defense worry.

Softball Summer Camps - Pitching Windup

Infield Crossfire Drills with Jennie Finch

In this youth softball drill, Jennie Finch runs the girls through the "infield crossfire" softball…

Online Softball Drills

Online Softball Drills

Softball Drills – Catcher Positioning

Learn about the proper defensive positioning for catchers

Catching a Fly Ball Softball Drills

Learn how to properly field a fly ball

Stance and Grip Softball Batting Techniques

Improve your batting with these tips and tricks

Softball Batting Box Tips

Learn some tips and tricks about your batters box presence to remain consistence

Science of Hitting a Softball

Sports Science examines the difficulties of hitting a softball