These Coaches Could be at Revolution Softball Camps This Summer

Softball Clinics - Girl Sliding into Home

Since so many different players head to softball camps each summer, there are various types of goals they’d like to achieve. Some simply want to improve on certain areas of their game for the following year, while others have aspirations of playing at the next level and would like to also meet some college coaches in the area.

At Revolution Softball Camps, we’re happy to offer both of those options to our attendees. Players of all ability levels and positions will reap benefits from joining us for a week this summer. Our directors and instructors cover all facets of the game, including offense, defense and situational drills.

All the instructional programs are offered for each session and we keep a low camper-to-coach ratio to ensure the personal development and improvement of every player who participates in one of our softball camps.

While there are camps offered throughout the country in all different formats and times during the summer, there will be one constant throughout them all: top coaches and college players from the game who are enthusiastic, friendly and dedicated toward helping campers reach their goals!

Here are some of the instructors we had join us last year:

— Bill Vasko: Assistant Coach, UMass Lowell
— Breanne Gleason: Head Coach, Central Connecticut State University
— Devon Kelly: Pitching Coach, University of New Haven
— Elizabeth Luckie: Co-Head Coach, Sacred Heart University
— Erin O’Neill: Head Coach, Kenyon College
— Heather Ross: Assistant Coach, UMass Lowell
— Heather Stone: Head Coach, Western Connecticut State University
— Jo Clair: Assistant Coach, Tufts University
— Joe French: Head Coach, UMBC
— Mike Cooperstein: Head Coach, Franklin & Marshall
— Nick French: Assistant Coach, Holy Cross
— Pam London: Co-Head Coach, Sacred Heart University

For the duration of our camps, those in attendance will be under the supervision of our staff. Obviously, more supervision will be needed for specific camp options – such as overnights. In that situation, staff will reside in the dorms with the campers.

There are five core values all directors and instructors have in mind when running a camp, and they include: excellence, fun, improvement, safety and sportsmanship. Obviously, the main goal is to help you improve as a softball player, but we want the entire experience – from start to finish – to be unforgettable and one you want to continue joining us for each summer. It’s important to improve your on-field skills, but we also touch upon integrity, honesty and leadership to honor the game properly.

Obviously, none of this would be possible if it didn’t happen in a safe and fun environment! When you feel comfortable in your surroundings, that’s when the growth truly happens, and our coaches are motivated to provide this every single time. We’re looking forward to seeing you at one of our Revolution Softball Camps this summer, and all our instructors are excited to work with you!

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