Ready Up! Preparing For Your Upcoming Camp Experience

Summer Softball Camp - Softball Practice

By now it should be no surprise that we love softball camp, and if you’re all signed up to attend one this summer, we’re pretty sure you’re going to as well! Softball camp’s the best place to meet great new friends, practice your best positions, learn to play all-new positions, and just have a great time in general! But if you’ve never been to a softball camp before, you may not know how to get ready for the upcoming week. We’re here to help! Here are some tips and things to know to help you get ready to enjoy your week.

Setting Up

Once you’re registered, the first step is finding out more about your camp! Revolution Softball Camps has an easy way to find your camp right here, On this page you can find out about the head coach and the surrounding area, as well as hearing great reviews about the camp. You’ll also need to let your friends know you’ll be gone for the week, so you might want to consider texting them or leaving a note on social media so they don’t wonder where you’ve been. And you’ll also want to make sure to check the weather before you go, so you can see how hot it’ll be. Keep in mind you’ll be spending a lot of time outdoors at softball camp, so dress accordingly!

If you’ve never been to camp before and you’re planning on staying overnight, you may not be used to being away from home for the full week. If that’s the case, you may want to try setting up a sleepover with some nearby friends to get used to the experience.

What To Pack

Whether you’re going to day camp or overnight camp, you’ll want to pack for every occasion. This means plenty of warm-weather wear like t-shirts, shorts, sneakers and athletic socks, plenty of appropriate sunscreen, and a hat for scrimmages and shade. and perhaps a sweatshirt if you expect the nights to be cold. If your camp’s got a pool, you’ll also want to have some swimwear and a beach towel, and flip-flops. Also, keep in mind that our softball camps don’t allow tank tops.

Of course, these aren’t just any camps. These are softball camps, so you’d better come ready to play! You’ll want to bring all of your gear, including a well-fitting helmet, cleats, and a catcher’s mask and gloves if you’re planning on playing catcher. You’ll also want a well-fitting, reliable glove, a bat of proper length and weight, and some slide pads.

Most camps will provide lockers for small personal items if you pay a deposit, so make sure to come prepared if you’ve got valuables that need protecting!

Get Ready To Get In The Game

You aren’t going to camp just to make friends. You’re going because you love softball and you want to push yourself to get better. Softball camp has positional and team drills and nightly scrimmages to help you up your game, but if you want to get the most out of it, there are a few things you can do to prepare.

You’ll want to have plenty of energy ahead of camp, so try adjusting your diet or doing a bit of exercise as early as possible. You can also get some friends and teammates together and try out some classic softball drills before you even get to the camp. You can get a lot of great early practice from drills like relays, sequence throwing, pepper games, or even a good old-fashioned home run derby.

If you’re getting new gear for camp, you might also want to practice with it a bit. There’s nothing worse than getting into a game using a stiff glove, cleats that aren’t broken in, or a bat with a weight you’re not familiar with, so doing some fielding or hitting off of a tee can help you get used to everything before you get to softball camp.

Staying Overnight

If you’re staying overnight, your day won’t end at 8:30. When everyone else is heading home, you’ll be heading back to the dorms to hang out with your friends and relax after your scrimmages! Girls who stay overnight will want to bring sleeping equipment like a sleeping bag, blanket or linens, as well as a pillow, pajamas, and any toiletries you may need. Make sure to being comfortable pajamas and a shower towel, as well as some spending money for anything you’d like to buy after the day ends.

Scrimmages end at 8:00 pm, which leaves a few hours for late night activities, hanging out with new friends, and getting cooled down from the rest of the day. It’s a great time to get to know people and relax!

Ready To Get Going?

No matter how much time you have to prepare, you’re sure to have a blast at softball camp. If you’re already registered, all you’ve got to do is get ready and get excited, but if you’re not registered yet, what are you waiting for? Head on over to to find a camp near you, check out the daily schedules and get registered!