Here Are the Best 2021 Summer Softball Camps in the Northeast

The best way to elevate your softball skills is to join us at a Revolution Softball Camp this summer. We do the best we can to bring in the game’s top coaches and players to put together an intensive program that’ll allow youth players to see visible improvement in their game by the time they leave. 

We know that to enjoy the ultimate softball camp experience, players need to be afforded a safe and fun environment to learn and grow throughout the duration of camp. With the havoc COVID-19 has created on every-day life — including youth sports — the concept of “safe and fun” has been redefined many times over. We know how difficult the past year has been for everyone, and especially for the kids who have dealt with at least some level of remote learning. We’re proud to take the necessary cautions from the CDC and state/local governments to provide field hockey players a camp experience that makes things feel “normal”, even if it’s only for a short period of time. If you’d like to read more about the types of precautions we’ll be taking for the players, families, and staff members at our camps, check this out

Improving on the field is the main goal of every Revolution Softball Camp, but it goes beyond that, too. Having coaches and directors be Double-Goal Certified by the Positive Coaching Alliance displays exactly how important it is to our staff to provide both field hockey and life lessons along the way. 

Our camps will be hitting on all of the basic skills, but also making sure we get into the details of those basics:

  • Batting skills, which include hit and runs, stance development, bunting, hitting for power, and pull hitting.
  • Pitching skills, including pitching motions, communication between pitchers and catchers, and release points.
  • Base-running skills, which include pickles, tagging up and stealing. 
  • Fielding skills, which include ground balls, pop flies, relay throws, and double plays.

If you’re a softball player and live in the northeast portion of the United States, then this post is for you. Take the first step toward having the type of summer camp experience you’ll want to continue having each summer after this upcoming one. Here are the details with regard to the types of camps that are available in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New Jersey in 2021. 


We’re happy to offer four different locations in Connecticut for summer softball camp this year. Those locations include Danbury, Fairfield (two different locations), and New Britain. The only type of camp offering available at these locations is day camps. All the open dates for these opportunities are in July, ranging from the middle to the end of the month. 


There are more diverse offerings in Massachusetts for those looking for other options. In Springfield and Worcester, there are day, extended day, and overnight camps happening in the middle of July. For those looking for a one-day softball showcase to come and display their skills for college coaches, you can join us for the Elite College Showcase at Springfield College on July 6th. 

New Jersey

Our summer softball camps in New Jersey have available dates starting in the middle of January and ending at the beginning of August. There are also four different locations, which include Madison, Mahwah, Newark, and Princeton. These camps are offering day, half-day, extended day, and overnight camps.