5 Health & Physical Benefits From Playing Softball

There are plenty of reasons why softball is a super fun sport to play, so what else do we need to actually get ourselves on the field? Probably nothing, but it also doesn’t hurt that there are a number of health benefits you’ll receive just from having fun while playing softball!

Here are five health benefits your mind and body will receive just by hitting the diamond on a regular basis.

Total Body Conditioning

Softball is a bit of a unique sport because it requires athletes to be adept at multiple skills. With this in mind, that also means all areas of your body must be ready for whatever may come your way. Whether it’s running, fielding, swinging, or throwing, the need to be coordinated throughout multiple muscles groups is necessary.

Swinging a bat or throwing a softball requires you to have properly developed arm and shoulder muscles so you can avoid injury. And although swinging a bat uses your arms, you generate power in your swing from your lower body and core. So, there is literally no muscle group left behind when it comes to being a successful softball player!

Increased Flexibility

The focus on softball can get distorted because we often become preoccupied with the things we see – how hard you can throw a ball, how fast you can get to a certain area, and how far you can hit a pitch. This could lead to people thinking that softball players need to be strong.

That’s completely true, but they also need to be flexible, and specifically where you’re potentially feeling tight. It’ll be hard to reach your top speed on the bases with tight hamstrings, and it’ll be hard to throw as hard as you can (safely) without properly stretching your shoulder.

Increasing your flexibility is a goal you should always have on the softball field.

Improved Mental Health

Getting consistent exercise isn’t just good for your body – it’s good for your mind, too! Partaking in activities like this will help clear your mind be releasing endorphins you need to be successful in other aspects of life.

Softball is also a rather strategic sport. Will the pitcher throw me a fastball in this count, or something else? How shallow are the fielders playing? It teaches you to think critically and creatively, along with working in conjunction with coaches and teammates to reach a common goal.

Develops Leadership Skills

You likely began playing softball for a particular reason or reasons in mind. It’s unlikely that you hit the diamond with the thought of becoming a leader and developing leadership skills that you can transfer to just about any situation in life.

There is a lot of failure included in softball – after all, some of the best hitters will fail seven out of ten times. Learning how to handle both success and failure with yourself and your teammates is all part of the process.

Boosts Self-Esteem

Taking the time to get better on the field and work toward your goals will build confidence, reduce your stress and even make you more resistant to the every-day pressures you may face. It’s also very common to see lasting friendships formed on the softball field. You girls all go through so much throughout a season, so there’s a level of trust formed that’s awfully hard to break.

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