How Does Summer Camp Help Kids In School?

Summer Softball Clinics - Girls Studying Softball

You’d be hard-pressed to find a single kid who doesn’t look forward to the ending of school and the beginning of summer vacation. And why shouldn’t they be? Who among us adults wouldn’t jump at the chance to have three months off of work every year? For any kid, the first couple of weeks are usually reserved just for relaxing and doing nothing. Eventually, though, your kid may find themselves getting bored, looking for something to do. That’s why summer camp is here!

Summer camp gives kids great activities for the summer and makes sure they have experiences that last a lifetime, but did you also know a good summer camp can help your kid when the dreaded fall months come back around? At camp, your kid will learn several things that can help them greatly when school begins again. Here are just a few examples!

Summer Camp Keeps The Body Active

For a kid, summer is a time to relax, kick back, and do anything but work. But too much of a good thing can end up hurting your kid in the long run. Getting into the habits of oversleeping and being sedentary can do physical damage in time, but when school begins again it becomes a hard habit to break. The early mornings and physical demands of regular school don’t work well with an inactive routine and noonday wake-up times. The result is a kid who has trouble getting used to the all-important first few days of school.

At camp, there’s no sleeping in and there’s definitely no sitting around all day. Camp will get your kid out of bed early–and they’ll be excited to do it, too! A good meal and exciting activities begin an already-packed day, so it won’t be hard to coax kids up in the morning. Plus, great outdoor and indoor physical activities will keep them moving, and having fun while they do it. It’s the perfect way to make sure your kid gets active, stays active, and loves every minute of it!

Summer Camp Keeps The Mind Active

If it’s hard for a kid to make the physical transition back to school, it’s even harder to make the mental transition! School requires focus and concentration, but if your kid isn’t in the habit of exercising their brain un the summer months, it may be hard to get those habits back in time for school.

Summer camp presents your kid with problems to solve, challenge to overcome, and knowledge to recall. The games and activities at a summer camp aren’t just designed to test people physically, they’re made to help kids strategize, work together, and learn new ways to overcome their opponents. This keeps the brain firing on all cylinders, thinking critically and ready for any challenge school can throw their way.

Camps Promote Self-Expression

Self-expression is one of the most important aspects of a young kid’s growth and development. Without it, it can be tough for a kid to feel like they’ve grown into their own identity and become their own person. A lack of self-expression also forces a person’s feelings to be held inside, which can prove incredibly harmful to the emotions of a fully-grown adult, let alone a growing kid.

Camp provides a great outlet where kids can be themselves, try new and different things, explore their identities, and be comfortable in a setting tailored just for them. Plus, with so many counselors, coaches and staff at summer camps, kids get many opportunities to talk with someone with more experience than them, which can help them learn how to process and eventually deal with difficult emotions. Camp gives kids the comfort they need to truly be who they are!

Kids Make Lifelong Friendships At Camp

Camps put kids in situations where they have to work together, pooling their skills to achieve something. The games and challenges kids face will bring them closer together, which means naturally some friendships are bound to develop. These kind of friendships are usually very strong, and can last even if the kids don’t see each other regularly. Friendships like this are great for any kid, bringing joy and excitement to every day. And if the friends made just so happen to live close to you, it means your kid may be seeing their new friends every day in school! It can be hard for a kid to get excited about going to school in the fall, but seeing a great group of friends every day? Now that’s something to look forward to!

Camp Teaches Kids How To Work Towards A Goal

There’s no way around it: Your kid won’t do well in school unless they work hard. Sure, they can coast and just barely get by, but they won’t thrive like they need to. In order to excel, it’ll take work, perseverance, and the ability to work towards a goal. Luckily, camp teaches all of these qualities.

Camp presents kids with new skills to learn, and will make sure to frequently challenge kids to keep working at learning them. Kids will be motivated to pursue those goals, and camp will reward those who do. If a kid has trouble reaching their goals, coaches and counselors are well-equipped to help them figure out the problems and achieve what they’ve set out for.

As a result, kids feel proud of their achievements and successes, and become eager to do and accomplish more. Kids who may have had trouble reaching their goals won’t feel like failures, either. They’ll leave camp feeling like their goals are within reach, and can be had if they keep working at them. This kind of perseverance is absolutely invaluable in school. A kid who wants to work hard to pursue the challenges they’re given will end up doing much better in school–and in anything else they set their mind to.

Get Schooled At Camp

So how does summer camp help kids do better the following school year? By making them more well-adjusted, healthier people all around, and by giving them a sense of excitement about pursuing their goals. Kids who go to summer camp are active, self-aware, and committed to tackle challenges all year round. Not too bad for just a week of camp!